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Welcome to tic toc timethe definite watch guide with trend reports, reviews and resources for watch enthusiasts.


tic toc time includes coverage of relevant news and events; a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into watch manufacturing; profiles of industry leaders and interviews; find out about the latest timepieces from international watch fairs- everything you need to know in the world of watches. 


From luxury timepieces to affordable buys, tic toc time has all your horological needs covered.


​tic toc time Is Founded By Sally Lau, a seasoned magazine editor. She has covered fashion, design, lifestyle, watch & jewellery for numerous magazines.


tic toc time is dedicated to covering a diverse scope of products in a casual way that is comfortable for all levels of readers. My goal is to share my passion for timepieces and I hope that one day tic toc time will be the trusted voice in the watch aficionado circles. ”

tic toc time滴答站由资深杂志主编Sally Lau创立。她从时尚、美容、专题报道到腕表特写,在不同领域的创意人物身上获得不少启发。早期爱时装工业的流行设计,现在却恋上有故事的腕表。每年到巴塞尔表展,为的就是想在腕表身上找到那一点独特的故事,发掘腕表的新面貌。

“腕表对许多人而言只是个计时器,但从多个发明看来,腕表其实代表了人类在不同时代的文明。tic toc time滴答站的设立不仅希望能为读者提供所有钟表领域的资讯,也希望是腕表爱好者分享的平台,成为具有公信力的腕表指南。凭借着自己对钟表的热爱,我期望透过收藏家、制表师及各钟表品牌代表的见解传递钟表为生活带来的美好价值。”

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